Reclaiming Miami: Phase 2

Join the Liberty City Committee on Slum and Gentrification in the fight to take back our community from the forces that are pushing us out! Learn about affordable housing options, Community Land Trusts and how you can become part of the change that is currently happening to reclaim our land from greedy investors who do not care about our communities. Join us for the Phase 2 Listening Sessions where we listen to your feedback and vision of how a Community Land Trust should work in Liberty City!


Let’s bring you up to speed.

Every once in a while, STS believes its necessary to give our long-time supporters and any newcomers a comprehensive summary on all the progress we’ve made so far. So here you are! Smash the Slumlords launched in July of 2015 to tackle the issues of Slum and...
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Give Miami Week : La Semana de Give Miami

Hey Folks, We have a very loaded week for SMASH with everything from meetings, to fundraisers and even a radio interview!  This is the big week of Give Miami Day, we want to encourage all of you to log into the link we will be putting up later this week and donate to...
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Week of 10/31 – 11/6 : Semana de 10/31 – 11/6

Hey Folks, We want to wish everyone a spooky Halloween and a solemn Dia de los Muertos on this week.  Even though there are festivities, the hard work never stops.  Please take a look at the calendar of events for this week for SMASH and make sure you come to any of...
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Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH) is the non-profit component of the Smash the Slumlords campaign.

Smash The Slumlords

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WORLDS is the for profit section of the STS campaign