Every once in a while, STS believes its necessary to give our long-time supporters and any newcomers a comprehensive summary on all the progress we’ve made so far. So here you are!

Smash the Slumlords launched in July of 2015 to tackle the issues of Slum and Gentrification in Miami through a community controlled and self-sustaining strategy. It was and still is an initiative led by the residents of Overtown, Liberty City, and Little Havana. This called for the creation of BOTH a non-profit and a for-profit. We could named them Project Homeland and Project Gold at the time.

Then we decided to form the Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH) a non-profit with the mission of creating a Community Land Trust to provide affordable housing for families living in slum conditions. SMASH was officially determined tax-exempt by the IRS in August of 2016, but the incorporation happened on Feb. 22nd 2016.

We then started to have a series of videogame tournaments and events that would form the basis for the co-op business we wanted to develop. We found especially great success at Hotel Gaythering with the weekly Gaymer Nights!

WORLDS, LLC then officially incorporated in the 3rd Quarter of 2016, and started planning an ambitious official launch tournament, but eventually had to cancel:

Simultaneously, SMASH kept recruiting board members from the affected areas and started putting together strategies for slumlord abatement in Miami from the grassroots up:

This resulted in SMASH’s most ambitious and most comprehensive proposal, the Transitional Sanctuary:

Which brings us to the current day, where we are currently putting together a development team to bring the Transitional Sanctuary idea to reality. We have some good leads and have received great support from all over the community! Our efforts in the Liberty City Committee on Slum and Gentrification (LCCSG) are also worthy of note, because they are the way SMASH plans to put all of our ideas on the Community Land Trust that is vital to their longevity and success. The LCCSG will be having its first event at the end of January called Our Homes, Our Land: Reclaiming Miami:


And now you’re all caught up!