Rats, roaches, rotting fixtures and layers of black mold were a daily reality for Gigi, living in Abe Vaknin’s slums. Initially, Gigi and I did not get along, and when I told her we were organizing residents to fight back, she refused to be part of it because she worked for Abe. She even threw me out of her apartment! But we never gave up on Gigi and since that time, she’s found a new place to live and has become an active smasher of slumlords. She is now SMASH’s Board Chair and is on her way to creating a successful candle-making and gift basket business!

If you recognize the importance of Gigi’s story, we ask you to support us with your dollars this Give Miami Day! It will be on Thursday, Nov. 16th 2017!


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Our work is progressing! We have expanded our strategy to include the development of an LGBTQ Transitional Housing facility to meet the growing needs of the county’s LGBTQ homeless youth. The Expedited Housing Project built on a community-led and designed land trust has earned support from Miami Homes for All, the City of Miami Mayor and the Community Development Director.

Take a look at some of our recent appearances in the media:

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Our members have been accepted into the University of Miami Community Scholars in Affordable Housing, The Allegany Fellowship for the Common Good and the Maven Leadership Collective! SMASH got grants to attend the conferences of the National Community Reinvestment Alliance, Grounded Solutions and the Florida Housing Coalition! These are the trainings we need in order to make SMASH a true non-profit affordable housing developer and to empower community leaders like Gigi!

Together with you, we will continue to smash the slumlords, end gentrification and develop Miami for the people, by the people.


Thank you! 😀