Meet the Staff

Adrian Alberto Madriz
Project Lead
Born in New Orleans and raised in South Florida, Adrian is a community organizer by trade, with political, campus and non-profit organizing experience. His past causes include both of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaigns in Florida, student organizing at the Episcopal Chapel at the University of New Orleans and Housing Organizing in Liberty City through the Miami Workers Center.

In addition to organizing, Adrian has an accomplished administrative and development background, having won large federal grants for his organizations, like the $768,000 Affordable Care Act Patient Navigator Grant for the Epilepsy Foundation in 2013. Through his housing organizing, he has become a local leader on the issues of gentrification and slumlords, and on the technical aspects of affordable housing development for extremely low-income residents in Miami.

Adrian is very active on local housing and resilience issues and has sat on the boards of the Urban Environment League, the Miami Beach Community Development Corporation, the Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida, the Steering Committee of the Miami Climate Alliance, the Housing Committee of the South Florida Community Development Coalition and he chairs the Housing Policy Sub-Committee of the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee as well as the Transitional Housing Strategy Committee of the HOMY Youth Homelessness Collective. Adrian also participates in the Overtown Cohort of the Allegany Fellowship for the Common Good, and the Miami cohort of the Maven Leadership Collective for Queer and Trans People of Color working on various community development projects. He is also an alumni of the University of Miami Community Scholars in Affordable Housing. He is a proud worker-owner of Miami’s first, majority-black cooperative business dedicated to video game events, WORLDS.

Adrian’s life changed when he learned of the terrible conditions that Miamians face every day in buildings run by slumlords like Abraham Vaknin. He is inspired by the stories of Porgie Town, Sharice Taylor, Jemeena Grimes, Gaynisha Williams and other black women who accomplish the daily feat of survival. After being taught about the Community Land Trust concept by veteran community leader Trenise Bryant, he became a vocal advocate of the model, and continues that advocacy through his work as the Project Lead for SMASH.

Adrian lives with his husband, Armando Carranza Ventura in Little Havana.

Contact him by calling 786-523-4734 or by emailing adrian (at) smashtheslumlords (dot) org.